Meeting Mr. Wrong

Meeting Mr. Wrong-Part 5


The First Goodbye

I bought two tickets to a comedy club for Devin as a Valentine’s Day present, I told him it was a surprise and not to make any plans for Saturday night. He said ok but did not seem very excited. Saturday rolled around and I barely heard from him. I waited patiently as I hate to be needy or a nag.

I started getting ready early. I wanted to look extra sexy. I looked at the clock and it was already 6 o’ clock  and still nothing from Devin. I started to get irritated and texted him to call me asap. He had never even asked the details of my plans, what he should wear, what time, should he meet me at my house? It was like he totally did not give a shit. He took forever to text me back to say that he was out riding and was going to put his bike up and head over.

I was furious! We needed to leave in about an hour. He did not have time to make it to my house shower, change, and leave on time. I said don’t bother, I will go alone and we are fucking done! I will not deal with your inconsiderate bullshit anymore! We argued back and forth for a while but I decided to find another date.

A few days earlier, my first Tinder score, Brian texted me to see how I was doing. I had really liked him but then after our one night wonder, I didn’t hear back from him. Then I met Devin and our chemistry was so strong I decided to forget all about Brian. Of course, I heard from him a week after I met Devin.  I told him I was seeing someone and he said he understood and would respect that and I did not hear from him again until that fateful night.

It was perfect timing. He was free and eager to meet me even on such short notice. So, we decided to meet for dinner and then the Comedy show. Yes, he bought me dinner! Devin had not taken me to dinner in months. We had a great time laughing and I did not think about Devin at all. We also had good chemistry and being the slut I am, I asked him if he would like to come home with me.

The next day, you guessed it Devin came over to bring me the key to my house and get all of his things. We talked for a long time. He confided that he was frustrated about us “taking our relationship to the next level” I did not understand what he was trying to say at first.

He went on to say he didn’t see how we could ever live together being 40 minutes away from each other. He couldn’t move here because he could not be that far from his kids. I couldn’t move there because, well my kids are here. I asked him, who said anything about living together? I realized he meant HE wanted that but couldn’t see how we could make it happen. He said, I live with my mom, I cannot support you or give you the things I want to give you. He even mentioned marriage. I was like WHOA, hold up! I never asked for any of that. He said well I think about it all the time. I didn’t really know how to react to that.

He pulled me onto his lap on the couch and hugged me so tight. He had tears in his eyes, (Devin does NOT cry) he told me he loved me more than he had ever loved his wife and that he always would. We both knew it was the end though.

Even after deciding we were over, being that close to each other, we could not help kissing and the kissing led to him placing his hand under my shirt on the small of my back then to me running my hands over his big full biceps, I felt that familiar hardness of his cock under me. He looked at me and said, “please go take your clothes off so I can feel your skin pressed against me.” I melted like an ice cube in the sun. We climbed into my bed naked and he pulled me against him so tight I almost couldn’t breathe. It felt like he wanted to crawl inside me. He just held me for a long time kissing me and rubbing those hands up and down my back. We ended up making dirty, sweaty, passionate love, or you could just call it break up sex.  Don’t judge, he is my kryptonite!

He left and I did not see or talk to him for a few weeks. Until he resurfaced during Spring Break.

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